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Why BuyProxies.org?

Anonymous proxies

The highest level of anonymity a proxy can provide

Private proxies/Shared proxies

Pick between dedicated proxies, used only by you, or semi-dedicated proxies, shared between 3 users

Many locations

Servers from the USA, Canada, France, Germany, Australia, and many other locations.

Social media proxies

We help professionals perform activities more efficiently on tiktok, instagram

Best support

We know that it's URGENT! We are here 24/7, even on holidays 😉

Fast delivery

You will receive the proxies a few minutes after payment

Multiple proxies protocols

Our proxies work with HTTP, SOCKS 5, and UDP protocols

Custom browser addons

Our Chrome, Firefox, Edge addons have over 100.000 active users

Real reviews on Trustpilot

I tried other services before, but I was not happy with the speed and customer service. Buyproxies.org, in my opinion, provides the best service in terms of affordability and reliability. The customer service is ESPECTACULAR! Their team is super knowledgeable and friendly.
Best in the business. I have been using them for my work for the past month, and these guys know what they are doing. A good thing is they have almost all locations available. I give them a 10/10 review because the support replies really quickly and solves issues within minutes. Highly recommended
Pakistan 1
Hamza Khan
The company offers very competitive prices. The shared proxies I got were fast, and their support was also incredible. They typically answered support requests within a few minutes.
Servers are very stable and fast. Moreover, I don't worry about how much bandwidth I have used. The support team works very professionally and can solve my problems quickly. Just open a ticket, and they will help you immediately
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Proprietary proxy servers

We use our custom scripts and hosting solutions

Semidedicated proxies

Even though they are shared proxies, each user has their own guaranteed resources.

from $0.83/month

Dedicated proxies

You are the only user, so the proxies have better speeds and are affected only by your actions

from $1.65/month

Frequent asked questions

Sorry, we don’t have any. We offer the lowest possible price for all clients. Even though some sites claim to have promo codes for buyproxies.org, they are all fake

By default, the proxies are sent in the format “ip:port:user:pass”, but you can also use them in any other format, including ip:port, if you authorize your computer’s IP

Different sites and programs have different methods of testing, so it’s best to test on the program or site where you plan to use the proxies. However, if you want a general proxy tester, we recommend TestMyProxies.com

Sorry, the port 25 is closed. STMP Emailing is not possible on our proxies.

Yes, you can upgrade at any time by paying the difference for the extra proxies. You can also downgrade, but the downgrade will take effect in the next billing cycle
We offer a 24-hour money-back refund policy on proxies purchases
affiliate program

Affiliate program

Check our tutorials

And see how you can integrate the proxies into programming languages such as phpjavaphyton. Or how you can use in curlandroid or iPhone

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