Dedicated proxies

Dedicated proxies offer better performance since you're the sole user of the server's resources. This can lead to faster response times and smoother browsing experiences. Dedicated proxies are the recommended choice if you use them on social media.
Delivery in 3 minutes
User/Password and IP authentication
Unlimited bandwith
24 Hours Money Back Guarantee
HTTP, SOCKS & UDP protocols
Static IPv4

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have any promo codes?
Sorry, we don't have promo codes and we don't even have a place at the checkout to enter promo codes
Do you have an API?
Yes, each package has an API URL from which you can read the proxies in .txt format
Affiliate program?
With our affiliate program, you can earn commissions on all payments made through your referral link. We offer a 10% commission on each order, including renewals. To get started, simply sign up and start promoting our services using your unique referral link.
Can I choose the location of the proxies?
On the order form is possible to pick only the USA or Europe but we also have many other locations like France, Germany, UK, Netherlands, Canada, Japan, China, etc. If you need it, please ">contact us
How many threads/connections?
We don't limit the number of threads/connections that can be run on a proxy because all the threads/connections will use the same amount of total bandwidth. So more threads usually won't mean bigger speed.
Can I get IP diversity?
We make sure to get you the most subnet diversity possible by working with small subnets & possible ASNs. This ensures you will be least likely to be banned on your target website. But if you need more, please make a ticket and we will be happy to give it. Please keep in mind that selecting proxies just from a certain region will reduce the IP diversity.
Do you provide datacenter proxies or mobile proxies?
At this moment, we provide just datacenter proxies. atacenter proxies are faster and more reliable

Still having questions? Please contact us

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