For any business which is run online, page ranking and traffic visitors is of paramount significance as it is their bloodline which helps them survive. For a well built site having long term perspective, creation of appropriate traffic helps companies build a strong foundation. To achieve such great heights lot of initial steps has to be taken for creation of key phrases for rank optimization and this can be a hard task and may consume lot of time. As a solution to this a Russian man invented as software named Xrumer.
Xrumer is one of the most powerful BH software around. Xrumer is such a software that can get you millions of backlinks at just one touch of a mouse.
XRumer – is seo product which automatically posts messages and links to:
•    Forums , Invision, Power Board (IPB), VBulletin, and other engines
•    Blogs
•    Live journals
•    WiKi
•    Bulletin boards
•    Catalogs of links

Xrumer  is an automated link builder tool. With the use of Xrumer one can see a huge jump and increase in the number of unique hits to the website as well as see your site jump enormously in the search engine result pages. This toll is widely used by newbie’s as well as seo gurus as it is very powerful, effective and flexible.
While running, the software automatically finds and fills in needed fields with no need to launch you browser. Exclusive feature: while running software will go around nearly all forms of protection against automatic registration, such as:
•    Captcha protection
•    Protection that uses e-mail activation
•    Java-script protection

With the help of Xrumer You will get a lot of backlinks. So you will get high positions in SERP in a few day.

Advantages of Xrumer
•    It has Lightening speed
•    It has quite impressive coding which means that the program can solve captchas in program
Disadvantages of Xrumer
•    Links are mostly irrelevant
•    Links are mostly from sites covered in pharma spam, far lower quality than the links that you get with Ignite SEO
Xrumer as a software will surely help solve the problem and  increase the backlinks without much efforts, thereby enhancing your online business to many folds.

We stared as a joke in March 2011... years later our clients are still laughing
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