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Sick Submitter is amongst the most powerful tool in online marketing and its secret is well kept. It is one the best alternative to SEnuke. While making a site, we all do put a lot of work in making that site reputed online. Even after so much of hard work put in by us, our competitors may outrank us and steal our usernames and keywords. Hence the best way to protect your online brand is through backlink building and Sick Submitter is the best way to do so.
Sick Submitter’s features
•    It helps in automating profile generation and creating profile back links , this is one the most required feature in any software as with this only one can attain high ranking in search engines for your articles and site.
•    The true power of this tool is not in the packets, but in the templates you can also get. Templates that are offered in this product allow a person to create their own functioning packets and with the use of scrapebox you can build up your own library of sites
•    Sick submitter is very hugely flexible as proven by the ingenious coders that are creating packets and templates for Sick so that we have the ability to post to just about any platform on the internet.
•    RSS creation and submission
•    Works with popular Captcha services
•    Link wheel options
•    Proxy harvester and tester
Shortcomings of Sick Submitter
•    The biggest problem of this exclusive product is that it has a very limited numbers of sites in it to be used and that too gets spammed out in few days, hence in order to have quality sites in the product, you have to add up your site in it. This can be sometimes a very tiresome process as you need to list down the worthless sites on it by scraping them and then testing the one’s which are working and can be used to post.
•    Monthly fees to maintain and upgrade are too high.
•    In ordered to scrap the forum list, you have to use scrapebox but then again you have to use fresh proxies every time, so you do not get caught on search engines and face a ban., which again adds to the cost of using this product.
Hence when you are using Sick Submitter, you are not only paying for the product and its additional cost but also lot of time is invested with it. So a person who may have only few hours to spend on this task may not like this product that great. But Sick submitter stands out exceptionally well to perform back link building and RSS Submission resulting in great reputation online and money sweeping in. Hence it is a very well recommended product

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